What We’re Doing…

Lolita is a modern American restaurant that embraces the flavors, traditions, and simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine. Upon entering, you will be greeted with the warm glow of the custom wood-fired grill, traditional hand-operated equipment, and rough-hewn walls adorned with Lolita’s thoughtfully curated wine collection. The setting is reminiscent of an Old World bodega where, throughout the day, neighbors and visitors alike gather to share some wine, snacks or a meal, and a lot of congenial conversation.

We are open 7 days, offering dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday.  We invite you to take a seat at the long zinc bar or cozy banquette, and relax. Savor an expertly prepared espresso from our vintage machine, grab a midday bite, a leisurely lunch, or linger well into the evening to enjoy small or large dishes meant for sharing. Our extensive menu showcases the freshest ingredients from land, sky or sea, prepared simply and respectfully.

While you’re here, enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail or explore our well-stocked wine selection, brimming with over 75 different choices (and growing!) by the bottle, and 12 wines by the glass. Or stop on by later in the evening for dessert and a digestif from our diverse, yet concise collection.

At Lolita, we have combined our collective life experiences to create the kind of place that each of us finds compelling on a personal level – we have created a restaurant where we’d like to hang out, so we are hoping that you will as well. We look forward to introducing you to Lolita.

— Guy, Stella and Neil