About our team

At Lolita, we have combined our collective life experiences to create the kind of place that each of us finds compelling on a personal level.  Basically, we've created a restaurant where we’d like to hang out, so we are hoping that you will as well.  - Guy, Stella, and Neil

Guy Hernandez | executive chef & partner

Guy was born in St. Louis in 1965. He studied architecture and structural engineering at Princeton University, where he received his B.S.E in 1988. More importantly, this is also where he met his wife and work partner, Stella Hernandez.

After receiving his M.Arch from Washington University, Guy held a number of teaching positions and practiced freelance architectural design. In 2001, Guy moved to Portland, Maine where he began his professional cooking career as an artisan baker at One Fifty Ate Bakeshop in South Portland, and later assisted in the launch of what has become Scratch Baking.

In 2006, with the opening of Bar Lola, Guy built his skill and reputation, being selected as one of Maine Magazine‘s“Thirty-one Number Ones” and being recognized by Travel + Leisureand Bon Appetit, among others. His work has also been published in Fresh from Maineeat.shop new englandChef’s TablePortland, Maine and featured in the website Find.Eat.Drink. During this time, he and Stella also acquired Hilltop Coffee.

Through all this, Guy’s and Stella’s, greatest achievement to-date, has been the raising of their son, Antonio, who shows a particular interest in sardines.


Stella Hernandez | Wine Director & partner

Stella grew up in New York City and on Long Island, New York.  She received a BSE in Civil Engineering & Architecture from Princeton University, and a Masters in Architecture followed by an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. During her ten years in architecture, in addition to practicing as a designer, Stella taught design to graduate students, undergraduates and children as young as the fifth grade. (The latter were the most fun.)

After receiving her MBA, Stella worked for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in their management consulting practice. After moving to Maine, she took her business experience to the nonprofit sector, acting as Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Maine, a statewide agency devoted to furthering adult literacy. As her husband, Guy, started cooking professionally, Stella got more involved in the world of food and wine. She worked as a server, a barista, and a caterer. (The latter was the least fun.) She’s even been known to work the line on rare occasions. (Lots of fun for the kitchen crew.)

In addition to opening Lolita, Stella has been continuing her wine education and is now a certified sommelier in the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers program.



Neil Reiter | Marketing visionary & Partner

Neil was born in New York City, and raised in Westfield, New Jersey. He attended the University of Iowa, graduating with a BA in English and History. After college, he returned East and settled in New York City for the next 26 years.

During that period, Neil took on several marketing positions in a variety of media companies, and in 1986 co-founded The Pegasus Group – the New York-based marketing communications firm. In 1991, he founded Reiter Marketing Group which, to this day, services blue-chip media companies, primarily in the scientific/technical/medical, financial and lifestyle industries.

It was also during those years in New York that Neil assisted in the funding of a number of hospitality projects, but he never had the opportunity to participate on the “ground floor” of opening a restaurant.

About 8 years ago Neil, his wife Lauren (Lolilta’s architect), their two children, Max and Charlotte, and rescue mutt, Rocki, moved to Brooklin, Maine to embark on the next chapter of their lives. Through random real estate adventures, Neil met Guy and Stella, and it was at that point that he was he able to answer to a higher calling of actually taking part in the conception, launch and ongoing operation of a restaurant – one such as Lolita.